Your local masonry experts

United States Masonry & Chimney has a crew of expert masons who are here to help you on all your masonry endeavors.

  •  Foundation repair
  •  Brick and block work
  •  Culture and fieldstone
  •  Excavation
  •  Chimney rebuilding
  •  Drainage

Foundation repairs

If you are having foundation problems, call the experts a United States Masonry & Chimney to come in and lend you their service. With the tools and the knowledge to fix whatever problems you may be having, you’ll rest easy knowing that you have the best masons in Wichita, KS on the job for you.

Wall repairs

Stone and brick walls add a great aesthetic to any property but through exposure to the elements, they can become cracked and worn down. Contact United States Masonry & Chimney to get your stone work look as good as it was when first constructed and ready them for years of continued enjoyment. Our no-obligation FREE estimates will help put your mind at ease too!

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