Chimney Repair & Restoration

We offer a full range of repairs to chimney systems, big and small, from repairing dampers to chimney/firebox pointing and masonry repair.


Exterior repairs are important in order to maintain and preserve your chimney. Exterior repairs such as chimney crown replacement are needed when the cement crown is cracked or deteriorated, allowing water and ice to enter the chimney and cause damage that can result in having to rebuild your chimney. Chimney repointing is important when the mortar in between the bricks starts to crumble and fall out. It makes more sense to point your chimney rather than waiting and having to rebuild the entire chimney, which can cost four to five times more. We recommend that you complete these repairs in the spring and summer months, although we do repair chimneys all year round.

Rebuild Crowns

Improperly built chimney crowns are another common problem. A cracked or poorly constructed crown can let water penetrate the chimney and create additional damage.

Chimney Caps

The best way to prevent moisture from rain and snow and to keep animals, leaves, and other debris from entering your chimney is to install a chimney cap. We install high-quality stainless steel chimney caps that carry a lifetime warranty.

Chimney Dampers

We offer repair and replacement on dampers, both at the bottom of the chimney as well as top sealing dampers.

Masonry Repairs (Repointing and Rebuilding)

Masonry repairs are necessary if you notice some loose bricks in your chimney. Repointing and rebuilding is not only done for aesthetic purposes, but also to make your chimney safer and stronger.

Chimney Relining

Your chimney serves as a passage for flue gasses, created by combustion, to exit your home. This passage is called a liner. However, some chimneys do not have a liner and flue gasses travel inside the bricks that make up the chimney.

If there is no liner in your chimney or if any of the flue tiles become cracked or broken, we recommend installing a stainless steel chimney liner. Our liners are appropriate for furnace flues or fireplace flues and have a lifetime warranty.

Smoking & Draft Problems

We offer effective solutions for fireplaces and wood stoves that cause smoke problems inside your home.

If you have another chimney problem not listed above, please call us anyway! We’ll try to solve your problem or direct you to another professional who may be able to help.

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